Total computer recycling and de-manufacturing


Within our Computer Recycling department, we specialize in the disassembly of obsolete or surplus computer products, including basic monochrome computer monitors to 21" color flat screens, printers, networking hardware, computer cabling, modems, PC cards, circuit boards, junction boxes, keyboards and more. Printed circuit boards come in all shapes and sizes. Some boards are populated with IC's and precious metal and some are bare. We express interest in all types of boards. With a knowledgeable precious metal background and knowledge of the integrated circuit industry, we know the best alternatives for your obsolete, surplus or scrap circuit boards. Unlike disposal facilities and refineries, we can explain to you the best avenues for your material. Please remember all printed circuit boards contain lead and being aware of that helps to educate your company on handling this material properly.


We handle all types of electronics and most metals


Within our Electronics Recycling and Computer Recycling department, we recycle a large amount of consumer and corporate electronic scrap and equipment, including typewriters, telephones, telephone switches, audiovisual equipment and cable television products or by products. While focusing on computer recycling and electronic recycling, we come across a wide variety of miscellaneous scrap metals. These scrap metals include aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and many others. Finding a way to get the best dollar for our scrap means you get the best for yours - plain and simple. We realize our knowledge benefits all parties involved and keeps our customers extremely satisfied.


Complete and proper recycling of your material is our top priority


At Intercon, our primary goal is the complete and proper computer recycling and recycling of your material. Our services will allow you to confidently say that you take all necessary steps toward preventing out-of-use electronic equipment from entering the waste stream and damaging the environment. Our ISO 14001 certified processes and detailed certificate of recycling help assure that when asked what you did with your material, you will have the right answer.







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